AEW owner Tony Khan buys RoH

Silas and The Baron have a discussion about what Tony Khan's acquisition of Ring of Honor holds for the future of both RoH and AEW

OK, let's see what this means:

Mr Khan has been clear (it seems, so far), that purchasing the Ring of Honor (sic) brand DOESN'T mean a merger, but that RoH stands apart from AEW.

Now, hopefully this means more than the rather facile WWE/NXT split, where NXT is clearly the "development" brand (sort of like AEW Dark, tbh), to market test new talent and see how they go over.

What do we hope for RoH from now?

Well, personally, I think it would be nice for RoH to be the kind of edgier, purist brand - where AEW retains the story-telling, but RoH is more for the one-off matches where there really is no point to a long-running feud (say... Andrade against Trent, as a top of my head example), but you think that the wrestlers would have a complementary set of styles to work together.

This could be the way that Danielson against Moxley works...